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National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up


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NOBs – Spend an enjoyable day in the field with like minded people. photo supplied by

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NOBs have already started on the summer game fair circuit and a list of the shows that we are attending can be found on Show Dates page.  If you feel like helping out at any of the shows please let us know, we can always use another pair of hands.



Welcome to The National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up (NOBS). We very much hope that you will find both the Organisation and the Website to be of help and interest to you. We are the sole organisation specifically designed for beaters, pickers up and loaders.


Please do take a couple of minutes to register your interest, enjoy this fantastic website and spread the word, so that we can promote our worth and increase the number of people in the Countryside.


We help get people involved with beating and picking up regardless of whether they have participated before or are complete novices. We act as an active link between gamekeepers or shoot captains with beaters and pickers up.


The National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up came about because our Chief Executive and founder Mark Elliott noticed a distinct lack of information for beaters and pickers up about our fantastic pastime and shoots in their area.


There was a distinct lack of youngsters being encouraged to take up Beating or Picking up. Thinking about it he also realised that there is nowhere specifically for a gamekeeper/Shoot owner who is short of beaters to find them at short notice, especially if he has exhausted all his contacts. This gave him a base to build the organisation on and plan for the future.


We believe there is no end to the potential of the organisation we aim to run Beating Courses and educational fairs for youngsters. There are tens of thousands of beaters and pickers up across the United Kingdom and we hope that we can provide them with a proactive and supportive voice, not only making a contribution to shooting but to the whole countryside.

NOBs – Listening to instruction. photo supplied by
photo supplied by

One aspect that we are particularly proud of is the interactivity we have with our members through newsletters and our excellent discussion forum. All of the NOBs team is involved in the forum ready to offer advice on everything from veterinary issues to what's best to fill your hipflask with!


It's an excellent place to visit for advice, recipes or even a chat with members across the United Kingdom to discuss whatever you want to get off your chest. The forum can be visited by clicking on the forum button.


 NOBs works by linking up gamekeepers or shoot captains with beaters, pickers up or loaders in their area. Firstly people need to register by clicking on the register button and selecting the correct type of membership depending on who you are. 


Standard subscription fees

£5.00 for beaters/pickers up/loaders - £10 for Keepers/Shoots


Once registered your details will be entered onto a secure database where we will keep them until a gamekeeper or shoot captain requests people. We will then contact the people in the area to find out which people are available. Their names and phone numbers are then passed to the gamekeeper or shoot captain who can call them to have a chat about the opportunities. We also have over 130 County Representatives who are actively working to find opportunities for people and link shoots up with beaters and pickers up. You can change your details yourself online at any time by logging on to your membership details at the top of the page with your NOBs number and password.


We hope you will join us and maybe even help, we will never refuse the offer, and aid us in making an active contribution to the countryside. We hope you enjoy the website and become a frequent visitor to keep up to date on the latest NOBs news.


Warmest Regards

The NOBs Team



NOBs – Always a bit of time for a banter between drives. photo supplied by
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Page last updated Monday 28 Apr 2014

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